“Music washes away from the soul
the dust of everyday life.”
- Berthold Auerbach.


Blues Rock and Country Gospel Soul, singer, guitarist and award winning songwriter.

Father, Son, Spirit, Word. Prodigal returns to the fold, from being lost in the flood and dark in the soul. Solomon’s words of meaningless life, ringing of ears and of purpose to write. Among musical notes inspired from on high. And, with this purpose in mind, I write, I play, I throw light.

Several years ago while travelling around Australia, I stayed in a magical little coastal town full of wildlife, waves and chilled out folk. Koalas climbing trees, kangaroos lazing around the grass parks, numerous birds and plenty of fish in the water. And, everything within walking distance. The quintessential beachside town from days gone by. “Ahhh, if this place was further north in the warm weather” I said to myself “I would move here yesterday.” Not long after my short trip back in time, this place was devastated by bushfires and literally burnt to the ground. I remember seeing the footage of people trying to escape the huge blaze by scrambling into their boats and seeking refuge on the water of the lakes entrance, only to be… watching the whole town burn…

Aaron Partridge Sunnies Faded